Massive country in South America, Argentina is our fist stop for the world tour.

Country: Argentina / Capitale : Buenos Aires

Language: Spanish

Currency: Pesos Argentin

We chose to spend several days in Buenos Aires because my brother decided to go back there to live with his girlfriend. This allowed us to discover the secrets of this amazing city and spend time with locals.

It is summer here and the weather is very hot and humid. Maybe not the best time to visit.


Old upscale neighborhood of the city that has become popular. On Sunday there is the “feria” not to be missed. It’s a kind of big open market, only on Sundays. It is spread over several blocks and it is very animated. We find more or less the same things on the stands but it is especially for the atmosphere that goes there.

This neighborhood became very touristy due to its originality: it is a set of old colorful houses with many statues with windows.

The houses were painted with the remains of paintings used to paint the boats.

There are now shops everywhere that sell all the same things but we come to find some originality.

You have to see some streets that are encircled by others that can be dangerous.

Nice neighborhood in the city. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and small shops. Good place to hang out.


There is a kind of RER running through the city. You have to buy a rechargeable card that costs 65 pesos and then you recharge it. It is valid throughout Argentina.

There are also 4 subway lines serving the city center.

There are many buses and taxis throughout the city. The bus costs less than 1 euro and the taxi following the distance less than 5 euros.


There is a crisis right now in Argentina, however it tends to favor tourists.

Rates are low. Transportation is less than 1 euro for buses and metros and taxis you can count less than 10 euros for a 20min race.

For restaurants there is everything but you can have great meat dishes for 10-14 euros and empanadas for less than 1 euros.

The entrance to museums costs less than 5 euros.

Bonnes Adresses

*La Cholita: If you like meat this restaurant is for you! it is excellent, very hearty and cheap (count in the 10 euros about 400g of meat).

Address: Rodríguez Peña 1165, C1020ADW CABA

In Argentina there is a very great Italian influence. You will find many glaciers and pizzerias everywhere.

Here are two glacier chains that I tested:

* Persicco: they have original perfumes. Their fruit ice creams are top.

* Lucciano’s: classic but good (especially the tiramisu ice cream).

*El Anteno Gran Splendid: It is an old theater reconverted in bookstore. He has a coffee on the stage in the middle.

Address: Av. Santa Fe 1860, C1123 CABA


There are so many people who want to change money in the city so consider changing at the airport a lot of your money to avoid wasting time.

For withdrawals, some banks are very happy.

Argentina has become a dangerous country, so we need to use common sense everywhere and especially in Buenos Aires.

Hide your money, do not take out your valuables; some people lost their lives because of a camera. Do not go home alone in a residential area.

Shops close quite late, around 20h-21h.

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