Great step in Chile not to be missed under any circumstances.

We decided to stay there for 4 full days to do the National Park, a step often forgotten by visitors.

We were told it was raining all the time here, but luck smiled on us! We had only sun and it was hot! We came in March 2019.

We spent one day around the coast to see the Churches and discover the architecture (houses made of wood). Then we spend three days hiking in the national park.


*Puerto Cisnes – Quellon: Ferry, 20h, 30 euros/pers, one way

*Quellon – Castro: Bus Cruz del Sur, 3h, 2300 $CH/pers, one way

*Castro – Cucao : 1h15, 3500$CH/pers, go and come back

*Castro – Valdivia : Bus Cruz del Sur, 5-7h,

You can book a car for a good price at Cordillera Hostal (one block away from the terminal Cruz del Sur).

It was 35000 $CH for 24h and we managed to reduce the price.


We booked a car and did the main churches around the bay: Delcahue, Achat (ferry costs 2500$CH one way), San Juan, Tenaun and Isla Aucar.

All are very nice. Go early to be sure they are open. If not, check with people around if they can open them.

This place seems to be often missed by tourists as you need to stay more than 3 days in Chiloe.

What a shame! There are two amazing hikes that you should not miss (if you have to time do not do the ones around the Cucao lake but do the ones below).

1/ Cucao to Cole Cole

You will take a bus to go to Cucao; once there, do not go to the park entrance. Keep walking on the road during 1h30min (not the best but then you will be happy).

Here you have to choices: walk on the beach (harder but nicer) or find the kind of road behind the dunes. Walk at least 2h like this then find the bridge.

Cross the bridge then follow the path till you arrive where you have to pay the guy from the CONAF.

Then the hardest part starts: 1h15 going up and down; quite steep and painful but on the way you have great miradors to see the coast. At the end, just WOW! incredible view of Cole Cole.

You need to now follow the path down to the beach and go after the CONAF sign if you camp in the CONAF area. The view from the camping is amazing.

*Entrance fees: 1000 $CH

*Camping: 2000 $CH (there is a toilet, a Refugio and a river to have water)

2/ Cole Cole to Rio Anay

Go to the river, cross the bridge, then follow the path in the forest.

On the way, you will see beautiful trees and flower and the best: tons of birds making amazing noises!

I advise you to take your time and listen to them and try to see which one make the noise cause they are all different!

After 2h30 you will arrive at the end: where the river goes into the ocean; this is beautiful!

This hike is completely different and super nice cause you are in the forest and you see a lot of birds. The difficulty is just linked to the fact that you have to pay constantly attention to where you walk because of the mud.

Bonnes Adresses

*Mercadito Restaurant

Address: Av. Pedro Montt 210 Castro

Email: www.elmercadit.dechiloe.cl / info@elmercaditodechiloe.cl

*Kuranton Restaurant

Address: Av. Pratt 94 Ancud

Go and rent at the hostel Cordillera Hostal.

Do not hesitate and go here:



Do not miss the national park and go to Cole Cole. Take at least 4 full days to visit Chiloe, it is worth it!

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