We chose to start our road trip in New Zealand by landing in Christchurch from Sydney.

Christchurch is the third largest city in the country and is located on the South Island.

Unfortunately this city suffered enormously from the terrible earthquake of 2011. It destroyed and damaged many buildings and historic buildings. However, this city is not without charm and there are a lot of cool and original places to go to relax and have a drink.

We spent a day and a half there in January 2019; there were festivals at that time including the beer festival and a lot of street food on the streets.


* From / to the airport

Several more or less economical solutions: Uber (cheaper than taxi), taxi, bus.

*In the city

There are taxis, buses and a small tram, but walking is easy because the city is flat and small.


We stayed with a family a little outside the city center and the entertainment.

We booked on Airbnb:


The announcement conforms to reality. By cons they have 6 cats suddenly it does not smell very good but it must be ventilated! We did not speak to them specially, they are not talkative but they are accommodating.

The accommodation is about 30 minutes walk from the city center but by Uber it is less than 10 $ and there is a bus.


There are plenty of places to eat in Christchurch (see below).

If you need to go shopping you will find supermarkets and many small Indian supermarkets which sell good inexpensive products.

Food & Good Addresses

Even if Christchurch is not a big city it has charm thanks to all the places a little artistic and “trendy”. It’s nice for a day or two. There are lots of nice shops in the city and quite a few nice restaurants and cafes; there is even a cat bar! The cool thing is that a lot of things are open on Sundays.

There is a lot of street art in Christchurch and the artists are talented. You can visit the city by making a circuit or trying to find the works by strolling in the streets.

On this site you will have the most beautiful listed on a map:


There are several cafes where you can go brunch. It’s nice and in general the dishes are plentiful and very good.

We tested these two restaurants:

*Little Poms


*Hello Sunday


It was really too good, original, well served and well presented!

Following the 2011 earthquake which claimed the lives of many people, two works were created in memory of the memory of the disappeared. Take the time to go see …

One is along the Cambridge Terrace in Friendship Corner Park.

The other is (temporarily) at the corner of Cashel Street and Madras Street and is called “185 empty chairs”.

Cute little street with colorful buildings, small shops and cool cafes.

There are lots of cool places in the city, especially around the Riverside Market.

We tested the following places:

* Shaka Bros

They have good beers, the setting is super nice and they make happy hour burgers!


*Boundary RD Brewery

A very artistic place, not far from very beautiful graffiti elsewhere. There is an old bus refurbished into a bar and enough space to have a good time alone or surrounded by friends!


*Kaiser Brew Garden

Attached to Riverside Market, this bar is on the first floor. It is pretty and they have a terrace.


A really nice place to go snack, eat or have a drink. There are several stalls with food from lots of different places (Asian, local, Greek …). There are also bars and cafes attached to the market with outdoor spaces to enjoy the sun!


We only tested one glacier that we really wanted:


There are two addresses in town.

The ice creams are super good and original.

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