I am in love with Scotland so it was impossible for me not to come to visit New Zealand Edinburgh! Dunedin is the capital of Otago, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

It was founded in 1848 by Scots led by Captain William Cargill. The name of the city is the Scottish name for Edinburgh. It is also compared to Dunedin in Edinburgh or Glasgow because of its architecture which recalls that of these two cities. First established as “New Edinburgh”, the city was renamed a few years later as Dunedin (which means “Odin on the hill” in Gaelic).

The Scottish accent has survived through part of the population. Certain traditions, such as the preparation of haggis (a stuffed sheep’s stomach), are still respected.

It’s a pretty town where it’s nice to walk around for a few hours.

Before Coming

Téléchargez l’application « Campermate ». Vous aurez les campings gratuits et payants, les douches, les sanitaires et bien d’autres renseignements utiles pour votre séjour.

La compagnie de téléphone « Vodaphone » propose des forfaits avec de l’internet et les réseaux sociaux illimités.


We rented a campervan to travel to New Zealand. We rented it from “escape” through “Frogs” but there are other agencies that rent.

In the city center everything is on foot, it’s small.


You will find many accommodations in the city and around the city. We did not stay there.


There are a multitude of cafes and restaurants of all kinds.

We had lunch at Stuart’s street terraced. It was super good!


I would only talk about activities in the city but there are a multitude in the region. If you want to know more go to “iSite” on the main square.


It’s the city’s main square. She is very cute and as the name suggests she is octagonal. There are many cafes, restaurants and shops all around.

You can visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral and admire the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

In its center there is a statue of the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

*First Church of Otago

It is one of the main churches in Dunedin. Named “First Church” translate, first church, it is, in fact, the first Presbyterian church in the city. Built between 1868 and 1873 this church, which measures over 56 meters in height. The church is the tallest building in the city and the fourth tallest on the South Island.

*Central Station

Victorian style monument built in 1906.

You can take the Taieri Gorge Railway, a tourist train that takes you to discover the magnificent landscapes of the region.

*Baldwin Street

The steepest street in the world. It climbs 350 meters with an inclination of 35 degrees. Well this is just one street, so if you don’t have time, skip it because it is not in the city center.

*Street Art

There is an hour and a half ride that will take you to some of the best street art in the city. You can collect the card at the visitor center.


You can also go for a walk at:

– Botanical Garden ; it’s one of the oldest in the country.

– Chinese Garden: it was born from a desire to celebrate the Chinese heritage of the city as well as the relations between Dunedin and the Chinese city of Shanghai;

– and visit museums.

*Tunnel Beach

Not far from the city, 7km to the south, is the beautiful Tunnel Beach. You will have to descend a fairly steep slope and cross a tunnel that has been dug with explosives before reaching the beach.

The views on the way are magnificent and you can admire the light color of the limestone rock.

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