The Solomon Islands is a beautiful archipelago in Melanesia. The main island is Guadalcanal and its capital is Honiara. The Solomon Islands were British Isles until 1978.

We spent three weeks at the Solomon Islands.

We made a stop on Guadalcanal, Gizo, Kolombangara and Tetepare.

We left in November 2019. It was very hot and humid, and we had nice showers.

Honiara is not especially pretty. If you can avoid, avoid!

Internet & Phone

As in many places in the Pacific, the phone and the internet are extremely expensive. Arriving at Honiara Airport, in exchange for your boarding pass, Bmobile will give you a free local SIM card. You will have to activate it and reload it in a sport where it is written “top up”. There is another company, “Our Telekom”, which makes similar offers but the SIM card costs 10SBD. Calls, messages and the internet are three separate things you will have to pay.

On Gizo there is the company “Our Telekom” which has a shop if you have not been able to go to that of Honiara. There are places to really recharge everywhere.


Here we use a currency called SBD, local dollars (1SBD = 0.11euros in November 2019). There is no ATM on all islands. Remember to take a lot of cash with you and find out if there is an ATM where you go, and if not, how much would your stay cost, including activities. Banks are BSP and ANZ. There are many ATMs on Honiara and some on Gizo. You can pay by credit card in some places but you will have additional charges.

There are also many Western Union offices.



There are not many flights to come and leave from Honiara. There is one flight per week with Fiji Airways and one per week with Fly Solomon.

Internal flights are expensive for the distance traveled. You can easily combine flights + boat to get from one island to another.

If you are going on domestic flights, go directly to the Fly Solomon ATM as you will need to pick up a paper that summarizes your air ticket purchase (I do not know what it is for!).

Taxis and Buses

There is everywhere on Honiara.


We stayed at Vavaea Ridge Apartment. This is an address you will find on booking.com. The house is owned by Janet. It is very clean and you can cook (there are not many utensils on the other hand). It is in the heights, 20-30 minutes walk from the city center. You can get there by bus or taxi if you do not want to walk.

Price: About 55 euros per night.


There are not many restaurants. Everything closes very early! In general there is only one service at noon because the establishments close at 16h … However, if you want a good breakfast or a good lunch I recommend the “Breakwater” on the main street after the tourist office . This is the meeting point for tourists but the meals are very good.

There is a large fish, fruit and vegetable market on the main street. Go for it !


There are a few things to do around the second world war, or beaches. The beaches are paying because private properties. The excursions are expensive. If you are many prefer to rent a car to go to the main sites; you can offer a guide if you ever rent a car.

I put you here documents that I had recovered at the tourist office, if you ever wish to go through a tour.

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