Lima is noise, excitement, smells, tastes and flavors! A city that awakens all the senses!

Lima is also the capital of Peru. We stayed for three days in April 2019. It was hot and humid.

We liked architecture, museums and some neighborhoods. There is plenty to see but it is very noisy and polluted (like all big cities).


There are taxis everywhere, you will not be able to miss them! They honk all the time! There are also buses and collectivos.

We recommend taking Uber; they are not expensive and you will not have any bad surprises.

Lima is very well served.

We came from Nazca:

* Bus day, Oltursa, 7h drive (and traffic jams), about 23 euros

We left to go to Trujillo:

* Night Bus, Ittsa, 10h drive, about 21 euros


We rent an Airbnb for 15 euros per Night.

Chicama, Calle Los Tulipanes, Lince, LIMA 14 Lima, Pérou


Here is what we did in three days on Lima. There is more to see, especially outside (many archaeological sites).

Small park next to major avenues, clothing shops and fast food. There is street food in the evening, artists and a small market. It’s a nice place to sample on-the-go specialties like picarones, rice pudding and pork sandwiches.

The Chinatown looks like all of Chinatown but we did not see any Chinese in it! There are plenty of small shops and restaurants. It’s swarming with people!

Address: Jiron Ucayali & Jiron Andahuaylas

Neighborhood a little hipster. There is a lot of street art, bars with music and restaurants. The atmosphere is nice.

Go see Bajada de Baños street.

Address: Next to Miraflores.

The Aliaga casa is the oldest house in Lima. It has been restored following a huge earthquake. The heiress family has been living there for seventeen generations. Some pieces are open to the public.

This house is very beautiful and has a lot of charm.

We can visit it with a guide only.

Price: 30 soles + tips for the guide.

Address: Jirón de La Unión 224, Lima

Large typically Peruvian covered market where you can find everything! The most ” interesting ” is to see the lungs and other offal suspended in small shops …

Address: Angle Jiron Ucayali & Jirun Acayucho

Not far from the Plaza de Armas is the church of Santo Domingo. I recommend visiting the cloister because it is very beautiful and there are many rooms to visit around the cloister.

Price: 10 soles

The visit to the basilica and its monastery is guided in Spanish or English. It is interesting at the architectural level because we can see the route of southern Spain and the Arabic route.

Price: 15 soles

Address: Jirón Lampa, Cercado de Lima 15001

It is an old religious and administrative center, well before the Incas. It has been renovated but we can see some parts that are original.

The tour is guided and the guide is very friendly.

Price: 15 soles

Schedule: Everyday except Tuesday, from 9am to 6pm, possible at night also.

Address: Calle General Borgoño 8, Miraflores, Lima

The Malecon is the seaside wholesale, super well laid out, the path runs along the ocean. There are surfers in the distance. There is also a lighthouse, a shopping center, and lots of buildings.

There is also Parque del Amor. It looks like Guell Park in Barcelona. On the benches there are many romantic quotes.

Very nice square with all around the Presidential Palace, a basilica, and other buildings with colonial architecture and wooden balconies like the palace of the Archdiocese of Lima.

Around you will find many restaurants and other monuments.

This museum was created by Rafael Larco Hoyle, a former archaeologist who has collected more than 45,000 pieces, some of which are erotic.

This museum is extremely interesting, it tells a lot about different Peruvian cultures, rites, dress codes etc. It’s easy to spend three hours linking everything together! The pieces are very beautiful and we also have access to thousands of pieces that are not exposed!

There is a beautiful garden where you can rest.

This is my favorite place in Lima.

Price: 30 soles.

Schedule: Tous les jours, de 9h à 22h.

Addres: Avenue Simón Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre, Lima.

Callao is a district of Lima, an old port that is about 45min drive. Get dropped off at ” Monumental ”.

It’s a bad neighborhood because of the cocaine traffic. So if you go stay in the few tourist streets. Do not venture outside; locals will tell you not to go any further.

The main interest is street art. There are some really nice paintings and a weird art gallery (it’s modern actually).

There is also a fortress to visit.

Good Addresses

* Churros San Francisco: Super good churros stuffed with apple.

Address: Jirón Lampa 268, Lima

* Nuevo Mundo Bar: it’s a nice bar that has a micro brewery. Beers are not bad.

Address: Calle Manuel Bonilla 103, Miraflores, Lima

* Al Toke Pez: Great little fish restaurant. Go ahead and take a combination so that you can taste three specialties at the same time (ceviche, chicharron and arroz con mariscos).

Address: Av Angamos 886, Surquillo 15047

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