We found this island by chance on some blogs and not knowing what to do with our time we decided to go there a few days.

It is a small island with little to do. There are a few walks. For the beaches, you can swim in “supervised” areas but there is always a risk of swimming with jellyfish (jellyfish are very dangerous and are present from November to May in general. There are also crocodiles, koalas and wallabies on the island.

If you have time to spare or want to relax at the beach this is a good destination, otherwise go your way.


There are two ferry companies to go to the island.

-Sealink: for pedestrians only. Around 30AUD round trip.

-Magnetic Island ferry: For pedestrians and vehicles. On average 230AUD round trip with vehicle.

There are ferries every day several times a day.

Reserve in advance. If you arrive earlier you will be able to board a ferry before your scheduled time if space is available at no additional cost.

Once there, you can hire vehicles (car, 4×4, scooters, bikes). There are also buses that run all day and serve the main points of the island. You can also walk, there are lots of trails.

There are roads that can only be taken by 4×4, such as to go to “Florence bay”. The road is literally smashed and some 4x4s cannot even cross it, there are huge and deep holes so don’t even try it if you don’t have a suitable vehicle /

Should I take my vehicle?

If you have a campervan, it is still more practical for driving and it will cost you less to sleep. Vehicle rental is not given once there. We chose to bring ours and we do not regret our choice.


There are several hotels and airbnb. You can rent villas. Know that it is quite expensive.

We stayed at “Koala Park”: www.bungalowbay.com.au

Type of campsite: It is a campsite with several sites with or without electricity; there are also bungalows. It’s in an area with koalas and wallabies.

WC: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Showers: Yes.

Wifi: Yes but a certain number of times per day. Possible to buy more wifi if needed.

Good to know: There is a swimming pool and it is five minutes from a beach where you can swim. They offer tours to see koalas for 30AUD in their tiny cages. It’s quite expensive knowing that you can see them for free by searching the trees.

Important: If you plan to pass the new one there on the island know that they close the campsite on December 31 and that the prices of the lodges are exceptionally expensive! Plan your reservations in advance. There are people who go to the campsite and not many sites with and without electricity for non-campers so book before if you can.

If you never want to pay for accommodation, know that you can park your van in a lot of places, the police do not circulate too much …;)


There are a few restaurants and convenience stores but it is quite expensive. If you go to the campsite, bring food from the mainland and cook on the spot.


There is not much to do here but you will find some lovely walks. There is a loop that starts from “Horseshoe bay” and goes through “Balding bay”, “Radical bay”, “Florence Bay”, Arthur Bay “and you can even combine it with” The Forts “which is an area with World War II ruins at the top of a hill. Allow at least 4-5h to complete the loop.

On the way you will see “lookouts” which give pretty views of the bays.

You can reach all the bays on foot.

You can do snorkeling, horse riding, jetskiing, kayaking and many other things. Some activities are quite expensive. See it on site at “Horseshoe Bay”.

You can try to see koalas in the eucalyptus trees at the koala park campsite or at “The Forts”. For wallabies, go to “Geoffrey bay”.

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