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The beautiful island of Moorea is part of the Windward Islands in the archipelago of the Society. It is about thirty minutes by ferry from Tahiti. It is a wonderful place for lovers of hiking, diving, snorkeling, and idleness!
We left a week in July 2019 with the ferry from Papeete.


Well, no surprise, it’s super expensive. There are electric bikes and scooters for rent for around 6000xpf a day! The smartest thing would be to rent a car or a scooter on Papeete and to come by ferry with it.

There is a bus that is set on the ferry schedules.

The taxi is very very expensive but there are some.

Otherwise, the most economical is the stop, which works very well.


*Camping Nelson : nice campsite to pitch his tent. Possibility to rent bungalows for certainly a lot of money. There is an open kitchen from 8 am-8pm (so you will have to eat like the hens super early). You can charge the electronics in the dining room but before 8pm of the coup. There is hot water from 17h-20h. It is in front of a beach where you can snorkel. Ten minutes walk there is the Hotel Tipanier which rents kayaks and offers to bring you sharks for 1000xpf per hour.

Price: 1800 xfp / person to camp (yes it’s abused!)

Address: In the northwest of the island. In the village of Hauru.

Ferry-Camping Nelson: by taxi, 4000-5000 xpf. They can arrange transfers to the ferry but they do not lend you the phone so basically they just give you the number. You can try the stop otherwise or wait for the bus. The trip from the ferry is about 20-30 minutes.

* Pension at Ronald’s: small family pension with bungalows on the waterfront on a beautiful beach. There are spaces to camp. He rented the 5000xpf bungalow and the 1800xpf campsite the night in 2019. Ronald is extremely kind and generous. He does everything for his guests to spend a unique moment.

Address: A little before the Nelson camping and next to the restaurant the “yellow lizard”. In the village of Hauru.

Phone: 89693339


There is a big “Champion” supermarket right after the ferry. Refuel here because otherwise you will pay much more especially on Hauru.



Unlike Tahiti, on Moorea there are many free hikes and no need to take the services of a guide. Here are some of them I made and you will find others on the link of the site below which is super well done:

What: Very nice view of the bay and the motus.

Type: Trail (muddy if rain).

Difficulty: Medium. Big climb for 30min.

Where: Go to Tipanniers hotel. After the Yellow Lizard pickup (roasted chicken), cross the road, go behind the gate and climb the hill.

Tips: Go in dry, clear weather; take some water and a cap. It’s short but it’s sporty.

What: The most beautiful hike on the island with a breathtaking view at the top. On a clear day it’s a 360 ° waiting for you!

Type: Not marked. You go through the forest, cross the river several times. You will have to use your hands, there are many strings, especially on the end.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Where: On the circular road the path starts just before the pharmacy; it is the path that leads to the waterfalls next to the Tevaiatiraa River near Afareaitu.

How: Just before the waterfalls turn left (if you are at the cascades turn back path). Cross the river. The path climbs a moment then you will have to cross the river about three times. At one point you will find a small waterfall with a big stone on which is attached a rope (the first of a long series). The path will continue to climb. You will have several ropes to help you get on and off. You will have to use your hands often.

Tips: If it rained the day before forget! In dry weather there is already mud and it can be dangerous. Tell your hotel that you are going on this hike. No need for a guide, the path is indicated on if you ever think of losing yourself. Remember to take plenty of water and snacks.

What: Nice hikes from Belvédère. One goes right to go to the Three Coconut viewpoint (2 hours round trip), and you come back to the Belvedere and take the path on the left to go to the point of view of the Three Pinus.

Type: Trail and forest.

Difficulty: Easy. It is well marked.

Where: The simplest starting point is the Belvedere Lookout.

Tips: Leave early and combine all three in the same day. It’s not very long if you get to the lookout by car (hitchhike if you need to!).

Other Activities

Voici d’autres options si vous ne voulez pas marcher.

Il est possible de faire du surf et du kayak. Pour le surf, je ne sais pas où car je ne surf pas. Pour le kayak, il y en a un peu partout dans le nord-est de l’île, là où vous pourrez voir des requins et des raies.

What: If you want to swim with humpback whales, rays, sharks and maybe other animals, it’s possible in Moorea!

Company: Moorea Ocean Adventures. There are others less expensive but it will not be the same benefit. They are super nice and they know the wildlife very well. They offer you a video of your day at the end.

Price: 400 – 900 euros surroundings.

Duration: 4h-8h.

Tip: The less you are, the more expensive it is!


What: We did not go but we were told it was really nice and fun. A boat picks you up and brings you to a motus where a rope will allow you to snorkel quietly and where you will see rays and sharks.

Where: Not far from the ferry.

How: We pick you up by boat.

Price: Minimum 1000xpf in 2019.

What: Many places offer an outing to see the animals by kayak or boat. The captains feed the animals and so when they hear the boats arrive they go to the spots. If you are good swimmers you can try to reach the motus to swim but be careful crossing as there are many boats (appointment visible) and current in the pass. If you want to take the time to wander, rent a kayak (go around the tenants because some rent less than others and you can keep the kayak longer, do not rush to the hotel Tipanniers).

Where: Go to the Hotel Tipanniers; there are two motus in front after the pass.

Price: 1000xpf plus kayak rental. The boat I do not know.

Duration: Minimum one hour.

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