The Solomon Islands is a beautiful archipelago in Melanesia. The main island is Guadalcanal and its capital is Honiara. The Solomon Islands were British Isles until 1978.

We spent three weeks at the Solomon Islands.

We made a stop on Guadalcanal, Gizo, Kolombangara, Munda and Tetepare.

We left in November 2019. It was very hot and humid, and we had nice showers.

Munda is an island located in the “Western Province” of the Solomon Islands. It is a thirty minute boat ride from Kolombangaran. There is not much to do here. There are some resorts on islands around.



There are not many flights to come and leave from Honiara. There is one flight per week with Fiji Airways and one per week with Fly Solomon.

Internal flights are expensive for the distance traveled. You can easily combine flights + boat to get from one island to another. There are domestic flights to Munda and even international flights.

Transfer Gizo- Munda

Since Gizo, ask your hosts, they must know people who can drive you on Munda. Otherwise there are internal flights because these two islands have an airport.

Fatboys contacts on Gizo: bookingssolomonislandsfatboys.com.au / fatboys@solomon.com.sb / 60095/7575705

Contacts Gizo Dive Gizo & Adventure Sports: divegizo@solomon.com.sb / (677) 60253

Transfer Ringgi – Munda

Passing through Tanya the price to join Ringgi is 1500 SBD.

Contact Tanya Raymond (a desktop girl on Ringgi): admin@kfpl.com.sb

Transfer Munda – Tetepare

If you want to go to Tetepare or leave, the people who work on the site Tetepare are extremely useful and can organize your transfers. The fare is 2000 SBD for 1h30 of journey.

Contacts Jenno (she organizes since Munda): 7711673 / tetepareecolodge@gmail.com / www.tetepare.org / office at Agn├Ęs resort in Munda.


* Ravihina Guest House

Accommodation held by two lovely people. There are nice rooms with fans. The shower is cold and shared, the toilets too. There is a very large kitchen well equipped (with fridge!), A large living room and a beautiful terrace.

– Accommodation rate: Rates vary depending on the room so be careful when they tell you to choose! I think the most expensive room is 350 SBD per person. On booking the rate was more advantageous!

Internet & Phone

As in many places in the Pacific, the phone and the internet are extremely expensive. Arriving at Honiara Airport, in exchange for your boarding pass, Bmobile will give you a free local SIM card. You will have to activate it and reload it in a sport where it is written “top up”. There is another company, “Our Telekom”, which makes similar offers but the SIM card costs 10SBD. Calls, messages and the internet are three separate things you will have to pay.

There are places to really recharge everywhere.


Here we use a currency called SBD, local dollars (1SBD = 0.11euros in November 2019). There is only one ATM at the BSP bank. Remember to take a lot of cash with you because it can happen that it falls in pass!


There is a market with local fruits and vegetables. In the mini markets you will find onions and garlic (ask the vendors). The mini markets only have basic things like rice, ketchup and soy sauces, dehydrated Chinese noodles …

If you arrive directly from a foreign country and you plan to cook, take dry foods that you like like Italian pasta, tea, cakes, quinoa etc … things other than dehydrated Chinese noodles, rice and canned tuna!


* Diving

What: Munda has some beautiful dive sites to explore.

Contact: https://www.visitsolomons.com.sb/tour/dive-munda/

* Skull Island

What: A small island with human bones that show the ancient custom of “head hunting”.

Where: Not far from Munda. Near the Zipolo lodge.

How to: Ask at the resorts or your hosts, for example at “Zipolo Habu Resorts” and at the lodge and “Titiru Ecolodge”. Negotiate the prices.

Price: We were told 1300 – 800 SBD but we do not know if it includes the “custom fees” and if not per person. We preferred not to go because super expensive for a short trip.

Contact of the Agnes resort: 62101

* Fishing Festival

What: Every year the city organizes a big fishing festival to raise money for a hospital. There are several categories, men, women and children. The locals love this festival.

When: Beginning of November.

Where: A munda to the Zipolo lodge.

How: Ask a fisherman to bring you there.

* Lagoon festival

What: Every year the city organizes festival in front of the sea to show the new generations the ancestral culture. Every year it’s different. There are music competitions on bamboo, swimming races, things in traditional canoes etc … There are stands to eat local and drink.

When: Beginning of November.

Where: A munda next to the resort in front of the sea.

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