Nazca is located in southern Peru.

It is a very rich place from a cultural point of view; That’s why we decided to spend three days in April 2019.

Nazca is well known for its geoglyphs (or Nazca lines), but there is still more to discover.


There are many taxis in the city, but the best way to discover the archaeological sites is to go through agencies (which will pick you up when you arrive).

From San Pedro de Atacama: 2 days by bus with Cruz del Sur.

To Lima: Oltursa, 7h, 23 euros


We stayed at the Hostal Brabant.

It is an inn run by a very friendly little Peruvian family.

They have many spacious and clean rooms. There is a bathroom and a toilet for everyone by cons. It is possible to cook. They offer excursions (flights, buggy etc).

Address: Calle Juan Matta 878, Nazca, Peru


What: A site that includes several circular aqueducts built by the Nazcas. Very interesting place, especially if you live near the Pont du Gard in France;)

How: With a guide (agency) or taxi.

Price: 35 soles the excursion and 10 soles the entry (for this site and includes the site Paredones)

What: This site is a bit like customs. The Incas used it for the administrative procedures and to control the passages.

How: We took a guide. You can go there by taxi.

Price: 10 soles. The entrance is included with the aqueducts.

What: The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs drawn by the Nazca hundreds of years BC Their meaning remains a mystery. They were discovered by chance during overflights of the region in the 80s and are now one of the main attractions of the region. They extend over the regions of Nazca and Palpa and cover an area of ​​more than 750 square meters.

How: The best way is to fly above the lines (30min, 1h, 2h). But there is also a viewpoint that allows you to see some if your budget does not allow you to fly over.

Price: There are many agencies that offer overflights. We went through Aeroparacas. They are very well. We took the tour including the buggy and visiting other archaeological sites. Count between 80 euros and 250 euros depending on what you choose.

What: The guided tour begins with a stop at an aqueduct. Then the buggy goes to a desecrated cemetery (there are human bones everywhere, it was looted because thieves were looking for gold but the graves were destroyed). Then we go to the Cahuachi pyramids. Beautiful ceremonial site. The investigations revealed ceramics and other objects showing that there had been human sacrifices. Then the buggy tour offers a great time in the dunes with sandboard stop.

Comment: Buggy ride included in the flight to see the lines. Possible to go by taxi or with another agency.

Duration: 5h

Price: Included with the flight. I understand that there was a ticket that included several sites. You fill in town.

What: Old cemetery. The graves have unfortunately been robbed by thieves. Some tombs were opened so that visitors could see how the mummies were positioned. They are very well preserved.

How: Go with a guide because it is 30km from the city center.

Price: 8 soles.

What: This museum is very interesting because it gives a lot of information about the Nazca and Inca culture. It also informs about archaeological discoveries and Nazca Lines. Perhaps it would be interesting to do it from the beginning of the stay.

Price: 30 soles

What: The planetarium is located in a hotel and they try to give you explanations on the mysteries of the lines of Nazca. He gives information on Maria Reiche, the German who has spent all her life cleaning, preserving and understanding the lines. It’s interesting but we do not come out with more answers unfortunately.

Where: In the hotel DM.

Opening hours: 6.30 pm in French, 7.30 pm in English, 8.30 pm in Spanish.

Price: 20 soles

Good restaurant

If you want to eat a very good Peruvian dish, I recommend the MAMASHANA restaurant (Calle Bolognesi 720 Nazca). The dishes are very well cooked, well presented and very good. Count about 30 soles per dish. It’s hearty; if you do not have a big hungry feel free to share.


Book your flights a few days before arriving if you want to fly in the morning (it’s better because it is not too hot and there is less turbulence). For the rest not worth booking in advance there are plenty of agencies that offer everything.

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