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General Information

Traditional music and dance festival that takes place every 4 years and brings together artists from all over Oceania.

How to get there: You can try the stop boat with sailboats and catamarans. You can offer yourself a cruise on the Aranui (about 2000 euros). There are cargo ferries departing from Papeete; there are not many places and we must really insist because the locals have priority. The easiest way is to take a pass or an extension with the airline Airtahiti (the price varies according to the number of islands that you want to visit).

There is a time difference of 30 minutes between Tahiti and the Marquesas.

Tips: Do not leave without your anti mosquito and sunscreen.

Health: Take product against the gall if you are not sure where you are staying. There are risks of crazy and leptospirosis because of the rats (do not drink tap water, the river and always wash your fruits and vegetables!).

Money: remove cash before leaving because there are not many banks and there are few places where you can pay by card. General society does not take the N26.

Phone: You can take pre-paid phone cards with the VINI company.

Legends and more: Find interesting information and legends of Polynesia on this site:

“Îles sous le Vent” – Society Archipelago

Marquises Islands

Australes Islands