Rimatara (Îles Australes)

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Rimatara is a tiny island in the Austral Archipelago. It is a raised atoll with a beautiful lagoon. The inhabitants are self-sufficient. They make no expense for food (at least none for fruits and vegetables) as almost anything can grow on this island! It’s peaceful and people are extremely kind.

We stayed there too short for our taste, in September 2019.


There is an airport serving the island. The planes usually pass through Rurutu before making a stopover.

On the spot, walk! The island is only 9km in circumference …


There are two pensions on the island including a holding by the mayor.

* Pension Ueue Rimatara

* Pension Red Parakeet

Camping or sleeping at homestay?

It is possible to go wild camping but look carefully that you do not pitch your tent on a private place. People will be surprised because hardly anyone does it at home. If you are lucky you may be lodged!


You will not find much at the convenience stores because people produce everything. If you need fruits and vegetables ask people they may give you something to eat because they produce all too much.

There is a great snack in Amaru held by Stephanie. She makes homemade cakes, chocolate croque with homemade brioche bread and even very good homemade pizzas!


This section will be fast because there is no hiking to do, the highest point being 87m. By cons take the time to go around the island by walking or cycling. There are beautiful beaches and in September and October the whales come to rest and give birth very close to the lagoon. If you are interested in crafting ask the locals to show you. Pensions organize outings to see and do other activities. Visit the Amaru cemetery which is very beautiful.

Try to observe the red parakeet that is endemic to the island.

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