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Portugal is a beautiful country at the border of the Atlantic Ocean. Its location make is a perfect place to visit all year long.

Country: Portugal / Capital: Lisbon

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euros

This is not my first time in Portugal but my first road trip down to the Algarve (see other article) and to some beautiful cities near Lisbon.

This trip last for 4 days and I went to Ever, Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Nazaré, Peniche and Obidos. This trip was the end of my week in Algarve in October 2018.



This is the Portuguese ”Lourdes”. THE Christian place in Portugal.

There is the Santuario de Fatima and Basilicas to see. It is quite impressive. You may see a lot of people throwing away candles in a big fire and other walking on their knees. This is normal.

There is nothing else to see but worth visiting if you like cultural places.

What an amazing monastery you will find there!

The architecture of the Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitoria is very impressive.

It costs 6 euros to visit.

It is beautiful inside, very well preserved and a lot to be seen.

This is a very beautiful medieval town.

There is a Main Street with a lot of shops and restaurants. It is very touristy.

You should walk in all the streets cause there are very cute little houses around with flowers and poteries.

It is possible to walk on the wall on some parts. This will give you a beautiful view of the valley around and of the city.

Very nice city with a lot of history 2h30min away from Lisbon.

Houses are white (as usual…) and on a small hill.

You can easily spend 4 hours walking around.

I recommend you the following places to visit:

  • Capella dos ossos: if you want to see thousands of human bones…It costs 4 euros and includes the church.
  • Catedral de Evora: beautiful cathedral on the top of the town. From the tom you have a great view of the city and the valley. It costs 3,50 euros.
  • Palacio Cadaval: The owners created a museum inside with a mix of old and modern artistic things, some are crap… but others are interesting. Not a must to do.
  • Igreja de Sao Joao Evangelista: This is a very interesting church, all blue inside. I think you should not miss it; I have never seen such a church elsewhere wet. The entrance costs 8 euros and includes the Palacio.

Walk around the streets, they are pretty. They have nice shops and restaurants.

Tomar is famous for its beautiful Covento de Cristo.

The entrance costs 6 euros.

If you like architecture and history do not miss this place as it is very interesting.

Plan minimum 1h to visit it.

If you like surfing this is one of the most famous surfing place in the World.

Waves are impressive.

You can have a very nice view from the top of the town. Follow the ”Site” sign.


We booked accommodations on Booking.com. Here are the one we chose.

We stayed at the Peacock House hotel. Very nice apartment, in the old town.

The bathroom and toilets are shared but there is all you need and it is clean.

I recommend.

Here is the address: Rua Romão Ramalho 37, Évora, 7000-671, Portugal

We stayed in Hotel Residential Batahla. It is just in front of the monastery.

It looks nice but it is quite noisy, the walls are very small. We paid 45 euros for one night. The breakfast is nice.

Here is the address: Largo da Misericórdia Nº29, Batalha, 2440-100 , Portugal

We stayed at Hotel Rainha Santa Isabel.

The room is very nice and in the Main Street so close to several restaurants and nice little shops. The breakfast is included. We paid 45 euros for one night.

Here is the address: Rua Direita, Óbidos, 2510-001, Portugal


Renting a car seems to be the best option in my opinion. Be careful with the taxes to be payed on the highway. Usually the car rental place will offer you the special devise that is attached to the car to pay automatically. Take it as it is convenient.


– Accommodation: I would say like in France, reasonable.

– Meals: It is cheap and very good. Fresh seafood guaranteed.

– Rental car: We paid 250 euros for 11 days with SIXT.

– Gas: a bit less than in France.

Good Addresses

There is a very funny shop called Aldeia da Terra.

In this shop the people created several figurines with terra. They are very cute and funny, and home made.

The address is: Rua S. Mancos 19; 7000-932 Evora.

Website: www.aldeiadaterra.pt

The restaurant Churrasqueria Vitoria serves good grilled food. The waitress is really nice and smiley.

It is cheap and fresh. For less than 12 euros you have a big plate of grilled meat of fish.

It is located on 119 Rua da Misericordia in Batahla.

Do Not Miss

All the places I talked above are beautiful. If you have 3-4 days in the area do not miss them.


Car: Read the conditions well as we had unnecessary fees, take pictures and videos of the car before leaving the agency and before returning it, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Do Not Miss My Videos of Portugal!


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