Santiago is the capital of Chile. It is a city that does not seem to be visited by many tourists but there are cool things to do.

We stayed for three days in March 2019.

Below you will find what we did.


Bus Terminal – Airport: $ 1900 CH

Pucon-Santiago: bus of nuti 25000 $ CH, cama, JAC, 10h

Santiago – Easter Island: 300-800 euros, 4 hours, LATAM

Santiago – Valparaiso: 3300 $CH, 2h, Turbus

There is the metro. You take a rechargeable card. It is convenient because the city is huge.

There are buses, taxis and Uber. I advise you to take Uber because we have heard stories about taxis (they steal your bags …).


*Hostal las tres voces: At first looks like a squat but it’s nice and clean. Well located too and the staff super friendly.

Address: Salvador Sanfuentes 2224, Centre de Santiago, 8371024 Santiago, Chili

*Airbnb ”Habitación con baño privado”: At Ricardo’s. Great place, very clean and well located; Ricardo is really nice.


Great lively area, probably because of the universities. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that are original and fun. It’s nice, the houses are pretty and full of graffiti.

Neighborhood that is around the Plaza de Armas. Pushing further north is the Mercado Central. It’s pretty and quite new architectural level.

These are two streets with buildings whose architecture differs from what is found elsewhere in the city. It’s pretty.

Neighborhood hip-bobo.

There are only one or two streets to see but it’s pretty. On weekends there are craftsmen on the streets and musicians. Enter buildings, there are some cool and some are small markets or have stores on several floors.

Neighborhood that seems more traditional with its low houses of all colors and grafitis. There is a lot of poverty and it feels. Do not go there at night because according to local it is very dangerous.

There is the Museum of Human Rights which is there; we could not do it but the building is very beautiful.

* Church of San Francisco: This is one of the oldest churches in the country. She is very original inside.

Address: Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 816, Santiago

* National Library of Chile: Nice building, go walk in it’s nice.

Address: Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 651, Santiago

* Museo de Arte Chileno Pre-Columbino: Great museum, we learn a lot about South American art. The works are extremely well preserved.

Address: Bandera 361, Santiago, Región Metropolitana


El Hoyo :Go by taxi if you go at night. Does not look sexy but he has hearty Chilean dishes and very good for more than reasonable prices.

Address: San Vicente 375, Santiago, Región Metropolitana

Uncle Fletch: Too good burgers; they are accompanied by homemade fries or homemade chips (and other things from elsewhere). It’s hearty. The frame and the map are nice. I recommend this place.

Address: Bellavista Quarter: Dardignac 0192, Providencia, Región Metropolitana


Download Maps.me and reference the places where you want to go lais beware because sometimes the application does not find the north!

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