Our visit to Trujillo in Peru aimed to see the archaeological site of Chan Chan.

We finally spent three days there, in April 2019. There is a lot to see, but again we must have time because some sites are more than 3 hours drive.


* Night Bus, Ittsa, 10h drive, about 21 euros

* Night Bus, Movilbus 14h30 drive, around 23.50 euros

There are not a lot. Our was the only one of the day with departure at 16h and activated the next day around 6.30am.

From the city center take the combo (mini van) Huanchaco.

Price: about 1.50 soles

Duration: About 35 minutes

From the city center take the combo (mini van) Huanchaco.

Price: about 1.50 soles

Duration: About 20 minutes

From the city center take the combo (mini van) Campina de Moche.

Price: about 1.50 soles

Duration: About 20 minutes


Ugarte Guest House: It’s noisy, not far from a nightclub and there is no roof between the rooms inside the shot you can hear absolutely everything! We were lucky because we were only 4 people but if their room of 4 (or 6 I do not know) is filled … beware of noise. We also hear the neighbors, as if we were sleeping with them …

You can cook and there is a shower with hot water.

But it’s cheap: 21 euros for two nights for two people in a double room.

Address: Jiron Alfonso Ugarte 445, Trujillo, Peru


Only twenty minutes from Trujillo by minivan is the magnificent Chan Chan archeological site. This city was entirely built in adobe (clay and water).

Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in America. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

It was built by Chimus before J.C.

This site is extremely interesting, it is elsewhere the main reason that drives every tourist to stay in Trujillo.

It is recommended to take a guide because without a guide the visit does not make sense. The guide will explain each piece of the palace that you will visit, the various rituals that were done there and other things about its construction.

Price: 10 soles (ticket that combines 4 other sites)

Schedule: 9h-16h

Guide: A guide for two costs 25 soles. In general they gather several people to start the visit. Count between 1h and 1h30 of visit.

The central mercado is a great place to buy fruits and vegetables of very good quality and cheap. They also sell meat but we did not want to test (it is warm all day and not behind windows).

You can eat typical dishes for 6 soles the menu.

Address: Angle Pje San Augustin & Jiron Ayacucho

Beautiful central square with beautiful buildings such as La Casa de la Identidad Regional with its beautiful wooden balcony and the Minka cassons.

The streets around are very beautiful, go explore!

It is a beautiful archaeological site built by the Chimus. It is in Trujillo.

Price: Included in the Chan Chan ticket (10 soles for 4 sites).

Address: Calle Munich

Small seaside resort where people go for surfing and yoga. We did not find the waves impressive but we are not surfers!

The city is not very interesting but it’s good to see the sea.

Good Addresses

*Blanqui : Pastry making very good homemade ice cream as well as great cakes and other delicacies. Good place to take a break.

Address: A Huanchaco, calle Los Pinos (going towards the sea).

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