Trip on the boat Esprit d'Equipe from Ushuaia


Here are some things you should bring with you:

  • warm jacket
  • raining jacket
  • raining troussers
  • warm gloves
  • climbing gloves (could be useful)
  • raining boots (hiking shoes are useless)
  • comfy shoes for the boat

Forget about showering every day. On a boat you count every drop of water.

The shower glove will be your best friend!

Bring a towel that can dry quickly.

If you bring a solar charger, bring one that is very good quality.

Bring additional batteries (you may not be able to charge your stuff often on the boat).

Bring USB cables.

There are several books on the boat but in French.

If you do not like reading bring some movies but you may not be able to charge your computer or phone easily.

Bring a little book note to write and draw.

Board games may be useful such as the Uno!

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