Here is a small journal of our last days in Argentina. We basically came back to visit la cueva de los manos.

After more than 30 hours in transport, we are back in Argentina, in the city of Perito Moreno.

At the bus terminal we inquire to go to Chile Chico in two days; we take our bus tickets and then we go to get a campsite.

Quentin spotted a campsite on google. Unfortunately for us, it will not exist! After almost an hour of walking with our big bags we resign ourselves to go to the municipal campsite. On the road we see a sign ” Camping Raul, 50 meters ”. We go but it’s closed suddenly we go back to the main street. Two minutes later a man, not very tall, more than sixty years old but in good shape, with dreds, accosted us by talking to us a thousand miles an hour. We understand half of what he says then we get it’s Raul! He only for 50 ARS we can go to his campsite, it’s been 20 years that he manages it and many other things we did not understand. We just kept the main: 50 ARS and hot water. So we go there. He is very nice but it is a real mill word!

He shows us his campsite; it’s small but has everything you need and it’s clean. In addition we have gas! He invites us to drink coffee in his house (a very small living room). We will try to say a few words but he is so eager to talk that we will listen to him. We will see all his family photos and his notebooks on which tourists wrote him words. More than half an hour later we try to escape to go up the tent; he is excited and comes with us.

There are a couple of Colombians and we, so it’s pretty quiet. One of her daughters (I think) comes to the campsite to see him. She is a surgeon and is super nice, and we understand when she speaks to us!

We finish installing everything and then we decide to go for a walk and then go to a cafe to do internet (Raul was saying internet: he has the password of the shop next door but you have to go to the street to really catch it: D) ​​before going back to the bus terminal take our tickets for tomorrow’s tour.

Everything is closed (it is 14:30, everything closes between 14h and 17h here). So we decided to visit the archeology museum which is open. It’s small, there is some interesting information but it is not foufou either.

A few steps from the museum we come across a nice cafe that has wifi. It is ancient and seems to have a history, I will search the internet later. We hang well two hours, with cake (for me …) coffee and hot chocolate. We try to advance our program for the next few days but there is no info on buses so we give up.

We return to the bus terminal and finally meet Natalia, the girl with whom we exchanged by email for a few days for the excursion to the Cueva de Los Manos. She is very kind and tells us how the day tomorrow will happen.

We end the day stopping for shopping for tonight’s meal (steak and vegetables, finally !!!!) and then we go back. New people have arrived, two girls with a child (they will sleep in the kitchen because they do not have a tent). Colombians arrive. We all talk while cooking. Raul went to see his family in Los Antiguos so we will not see him again, the Colombians will stay take care of camping and tourists during his absence (they are also traveling and are in no hurry).

After a good meal we go to bed. Luckily it does not rain and there is no wind!

The shuttle picks us up at 10am this morning at the campsite.

It’s gone for a big day. After 45min of road, we stop to discover rock formations with lands of different colors. It is on a site that has just become a national park thanks to the funds raised by an association funded by the rich.

We walk a few minutes, we can see a landscape that is more than 65 million years old. The guide explains a lot about the geology of the landscape, it’s very interesting. We go deeper and there we see beautiful colors (pink, yellow, orange …) on the earth that piled up by layer. It is crazy to discover such a landscape a few meters from the edge of the road. It’s super nice, we learn a lot of things.

We take the road back to the archaeological site. The road is super beautiful, there are plenty of guanacos everywhere, and sometimes even ostriches! We pass near beautiful canyons. The sky is cloudless blue and there is no wind. We are still lucky today!

The Cueva de los Manos is located in a beautiful canyon. After the lunch provided by the company we begin the guided tour. There is a small path leading to the cellar and facing the canyon, it is superb! We will discover many paintings of more than 9000 years before our era. Handprints, drawings of guanacos and other animals. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth a visit. It is extremely well preserved and the tour is great.

On the way back to Perito Moreno the driver stops in another canyon. The soil is covered with salt. It’s super pretty.

Back to Perito Moreno we decided to return to the nice cafe to book our missing flights as their internet works well and their drinks are good … We will end up eating at night (nothing fufou, sandwiches). There is animation, it seems that a guy comes to give courses of self-confidence. Three hours later and hundreds of euros spent we return to the campsite to sleep.

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