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Traveling in Argentina from Ushuaia

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Here I am gonna talk about out trip through Argentina form Ushuaia, with a stop in Punta Arenas (Chile) then going to El Calafate y El Chalten, and possibly in some other cities if we have time

Today we are going to the national park Tierra del Fuego.

It is about 30min from the city center but in the end it took us one hour cause we spent a long time queuing to pay the entrance fees.

We decided to go camping…what a great idea! I love camping so much…

The bus dropped us where the post office, the most Austral one of the world, is. We spend more money in stamps and got our passports stamped 😀

We start hiking, and after 5min I realize than my bag is…very…very…very…heavy!!!! It is going to be quite hard for me to carry all of my things…

The views of the lake and the mountain are beautiful! The weather is perfect: sunny and no clouds (and no wind!!!). After 30min hike I am dead so I ask Quentin to have a break…my back hurts a lot. We stop on the grass in front of the canal and we have lunch.

Then we start again. We walk in the forest and recognize some of the trees and plants we have seen during the boat trip. Our bodies are in pain but we keep walking.

Two hours later we will have a longer break in a quiet beach were we would fall asleep then start again.

One hour later we end up at the cafeteria were the walks ends. We take a beer for Quentin, a coke and lemon pie for me, chill out a bit then walk to the camping.

The camping place is nice ; in front of the river and a mountain. It is quiet ; there is one single men, and a couple but we have enough space and do not have to put the tent to close to them. We are lucky because the weather is still nice but the wind starts blowing. We prepare the tent quite easily and quickly then begins to cook pasta ; this will take quite a long time because we took cold water from the river.

After dinner we go to bed.

Quentin wakes up and asks me what time I think it is.

I did not sleep very well (I wanted to pee but was too lazy so I got cold; and could not find the correct position) so I think it is 8am. He laughs and tells me it is 11.45am!!!

We wanted to go hiking 3h this morning and leave the things in the tent. But due to out long sleep we will have lunch, pack the tent and go hiking for less than 2 hours because we would like to have the bus at 3pm to go back to town (the next one would be at (5pm…).

After lunch and packing we go. It is quite an easy walk but with the bags it is a bit painful. We walk in the forest and end up in front of the Beagle. We will see some birds on the way.

We arrive at the bus 30min before the departure so we chill out. We are destroyed from yesterday.

It will take 30min to go back to Ushuaia. We go to the airbnb and take a shower.

Around 6.30pm we decide to go to see Thierry to talk about Antarctica even if I know we will not have much more information, and to say goodbye to Hélène.

We find Thierry and Catherine on the boat. We discuss during 30min and say goodbye. Then we meet Hélène for another 30min before we go eating “cebollas” in town.

The dinner was very good but we kind of run back to the apartment to go to bed because tomorrow we have to wake up at 5.30am to take the bus to Punta Arenas in Chile.

Today we get up very early because we have a bus to take at 7am.

Not easy to get motivated but we arrive on time. The bus does not really correspond to the description of the agency but it is comfortable.

It is 7am, the bus starts on time. We go back to the upper part of Ushuaia, we rediscover the mountains, it’s super pretty. Then at the end of an hour the landscape changes and becomes … boring … monotonous … There are big estancias. It’s pretty flat. At times we will see animals: guanacos, sheep, cows, horses and birds.

Around noon we arrive at the border Argentina: passport control, everyone gets off the bus. 15min later same story, but on the Chilean side. The dogs sniffed a bag and of course the only one that got off the bus is Quentin! (probably because of parmesan …). Finally they will not say anything. We start again, the landscape is still uninteresting but in some estancias they raise ostriches (yes yes!).

After a long time the bus stops and the assistant driver says something we barely hear but we face the water so we guess that it’s time to take the ferry. A big boat arrives, all bus drivers, cars and bikers will ride their machines while the passengers will take refuge on the deck or inside. The trip will take less than an hour and then we will take the road for a little less than three hours.

Once arrived (in advance!) The bus drops us in the city center, which is surprising. We decide to take a taxi to go to Airbnb. The driver tells us a lot of things we do not understand but we pretend to understand. The girl where we live is in a residential area. She has a shy little dog at first. The girl is super nice and speaks perfect English. I tell her that we have to practice our Spanish but she wants to speak in English … so we will speak to her in English. Her house is cute and we have a big room. She even proposes to do the laundry (Quentin benefits, it is true that his sweater begins to stink …).

We will go shopping, she accompanies us and takes the opportunity to walk his dog. The program of the evening will be simple: plan the next two weeks. It will take us all evening.

This morning we have breakfast with our host. She will explain how to go downtown in ” collectivos ”.

We prepare ourselves and we go. We should have the “collectivo” at the corner of his street. We see a panel with a small car and people waiting waiting we wait there. There are no schedules or signs of the coup we wait.

Twenty minutes later a black car arrives and picks up people. We catch that the “collectivo” is a kind of taxi in a good month. We wait again, and again, and again, then a bus arrives. Luckily this bus goes downtown! so we get in and let ourselves be transported to the city center.

It’s fast enough. The bus drops us in front of the tourist information center. The city does not look very very fun but hey we had a goal coming here (camera !!!!).

We walk, we’ll buy bus tickets for tomorrow, we visit a sober church, then a great museum on the different ethnic groups, Magellan, the conquest of Patagonia and local wildlife. Then we will see the cemetery which is quite interesting, there are large paths with interestingly cut trees.

After visiting the city we try to head to the Zona Franca (duty free zone where I should find my happiness). It is hard to find a “collectivo”, they are all full! Finally we will hit a sprint to take a bus.

Zona Franca is … uh … well, actually. They only sell Nikon and Canon and no hybrids !!! I am really disgusted. Suddenly I fall back on a compact gun (it’s useless!) Quentin offers me to buy me at a price declaw … he is nice my Quentin.

We decided to visit the replica of the Magellan boat. We take a taxi to go because it is far. It’s super nice! There is another boat under construction so we take advantage.

To return it will be a little more galley … we try to hitchhike and after a quarter of an hour a guy has pity on us and drops us off at the bus Zona Franca. We will take two “collectivos”. It’s pretty funny: you come home, you say where you go and he does not drop you away if it’s not on his way; in the meantime, people come in and out.

We finally arrive half an hour later at airbnb, just in time because it starts to rain! Our host comes back a bit later and tells us to look out the window: there are cows walking in the street! Definitely, Chile is interesting 🙂

This morning we woke up super early again : 5h45; we have to take the bus to go to El Calafate with a stop in Puerto Natales.

We take our breakfast with our host and then she drives us to the bus station. We will have three hours on the bus before arriving in Puerto Natales. Quentin will sleep all the way while I will be bored.

Once there, we sit down.; I try to get the wifi but the connection is bad. I see there is an office from the CONAF so I decide to go asking if they have camping places available for the night we are missing and if we may not be allowed to enter the park with a missing night. The girls tells me it is fully booked and that we will have to do a useless return to a campsite that is outside of the park! She tells me to check at the Fantastico Sur’s office in town. So I decide to take the taxi to go there while Quentin is staying with our bags. At the office they tell me it is fully booked but to contact them in case there in any cancellation. I go back to the bus terminal and inform Quentin. We are fed up…we wanted to save money and in the end we will waste a lot of time, energy and money just for one night in a stupid camping! We decide to go and buy the entrance tickets and bus to the park in order to avoid any new bad surprise later.

Four long and boring hours later, we finally leave to El Calafate. The road is nice until we reach the Chilean border, then it will become monotonous. On the way we will see some families of guanacos.

The bus terminal is quite far away from our Airbnb (that is already super far away from the city center…), so we decide to take a taxi. The taxi driver do not find the place so decide to call our host Carlos. Twenty minutes later we finally arrive there. His house is really funny; he built it himself with wood and natural things. He is a big fan of tango and one of his jobs is to do massages in hotels to guests (he learns how to do it in the Amazonian forest in Petu). He is very kind. I am happy cause I can practice my Spanish. He tells us that he does not understand when Chilean people talk to him so this comforts us!.

After a long talk we decide to go to bed.

Today nothing really exciting, we are trying to organize our next two weeks.  So we spend our time looking for agencies and then pay, pay, and pay…

But in the meantime we also had ice cream (I did), juices, beers, and hot chocolate (me again…).

Today we go walking around the Perito Moreno.

The sun is shining and there is no wind in the morning! Carlos is offering us to drop up at the hotel where the van is supposed to pick us up. This is great because we will not have to walk for thirty minutes to get there and breath the dust on the road.

We arrive at the hotel, this is a fancy one. On the way to the park, the road is amazing! Beautiful mountains, glaciers, lakes with incredible colors!!

We arrive at the park, the driver explains to us where is the meeting point for the pick up; then we start walking. The different views of the bridge are breathtaking. We take our eyes full. On the other hand we say that it is not worth the glacier Pia that we saw sailing; but it’s still beautiful!

We walk for two hours and once we have done the whole bridge we stay on a bench to observe the glacier and the ice falls for two hours before finding the bus driver. We had a lot of luck, we had a wonderful time.

On the return we take advantage that the van deposits tourists in the city center to go there (otherwise we have to walk an hour …). We will go to a cafe with a small class to do internet and have a snack (good for me and Quentin a beer …).

On the return we meet a couple of Canadians who approached us in the cafe yesterday when they heard us speak French. They are super nice. They were also crossed at Perito Moreno so we had a good laugh.

The return will be shorter than expected; Quentin found a shorter path. On the other hand we will take a lot of dust on the face by going to Carlos.

Arriving Carlos came back so we talk; he listens to a Colombian group that I know and like. He listens to a lot of good music so I take the opportunity to ask him lots of good music to put me on my hard drive: D He is passionate about tango and music suddenly it’s funny when he talks about it is all excited !

The evening goes quietly then we go to bed because tomorrow big day on the glacier, we cannot wait !!!

Today is the D-day where we are gonna walk on the Perito Moreno. We are super excited but the bus will pick us up in a hotel located 20mins away from Carlos’ house.

We wake up at 6am, try to get ready in the dark and quietly (he is sleeping in the leaving room so we do not want to wake him up). It is a bit chilly outside but we can see the mountains. All the dogs shout at us on the way. As we may wait 45min we start watching an episode of a series on Netflix.

On the bus the lady tells us things about the landscapes around El Calafate y a lot of things about the glacier; this is very interesting. We also learn that we will spend one hour in the park to see the glacier. We are happy even if we spent the day there yesterday. Then we should take a boat (great surprise!!) and hike to the glacier.

The views in the morning are beautiful. It is darker this morning but this gives other colors to the glacier. We are hoping to see some ice falling down. We see quite a few but not the big one Quentin was waiting for yesterday.

We go back to the bus and go to the port to take the boat. Here again the view is stunning. It is great to see a glacier form the boat, we really enjoy this moment.

When we arrive, several guides are waiting for us to prepare the stuff for the hike and explain everything. They split people into several groups.

The first part of the hike is to go to the area of the glacier where we can start climbing. This will take us 45min. The views are magical! There we put the crampons and we start walking on it. They are super heavy!!! But this is quite funny. We see the different parts of the glaciers with amazing colors (blue, turquoise…), the guides explain a lot of things, it is very interesting. On the way we also see some ‘’lakes’’ with beautiful colors. We keep hiking during three hours and then go back. We had such a wonderful experience there.

After such a great day we decide to have dinner were we had a beer and cake last night. They do burgers with guanaco meat and Quentin wants to try. The weather is still nice in El Calafate. We enjoy our last time here because tomorrow we go camping to Lago Roca.

This morning we take our time, wake up at 8am. We managed to explain to the taxi driver where to pick us up this morning so we only have to walk three minutes with our bags.

Today we have one hour drive in the small van to reach Lago Roca. Quentin wanted to go because there are several nice walks to do, the area is very nice and there is a big camping area. On the way, the landscape is amazing, we can the other side of the lake, and the Perito Moreno.

Once at the camping, the owner explains to us how it works (time where there is electricity, showers, toilets, and where to put the tent). We chose a great place to set up out tent, in front of the lake. It is great!

It is very warm outside and the sun is shining. We set up the tent and take our time to arrange our stuff inside and have lunch on a bench. In the afternoon we decide to do the walk along the lake. It is beautiful and the weather is perfect despite the small wind. The views are amazing, we can see the glacier and the mountains.

We take the time to appreciate the landscape then we go back slowly. We decide to start cooking. There is a young Swiss guy alone so we discuss and have dinner together, then we say goodbye and go to bed.

This morning we were supposed to wake up early to go hiking, but the weather was not great: rain and clouds all over the mountains, so no interest. In the end we spent most of the time in the tent; we went out thirty minutes outside to have munch then went for a nap.

In the middle of our sleep a ranger came to tell us to move the tent cause tonight it will be super windy and there are the branches on the tree that may fall on our tent. So we try to find the motivation to pack our things and then move the tent with unbuilding it. We did it very well! We found another spot between two small trees.

Around 5pm we decide to go for a walk; there is an estancia at 4km from the camping. On the way we will see several rabbits running around, and some cows. At one point some cows started running when we approached them and behind there was a big bull waiting for us. We decided to chance road and turn to avoid walking nearby.

We arrive at the estancia. It looks a bit sad; maybe this is due to the bad weather. There are horses so we decide to go and see them. They look so sad!! They do not move and look at the ground. They all are in a small place probably waiting for the tourist group having a coffee time in the restaurant. We stay five minutes then we decide to leave, this place is a bit sad. We walk along the lake as we did yesterday. We will have walked almost three hours in the end.

When we arrive we prepare the food, play scrabble, then go to bed. If tomorrow the weather is nice, we should go on the top of the mountain.

The wind blew out loud yesterday and it kept us awake. The attaches of the tent have even been unhooked.

We look outside, we see the mountains. It’s 7:30 in the morning, we’re motivated! We pack our bags and we fold the tent. We have a quick breakfast on the bench and we will drop off our stuff at the reception.

At 9am we leave the campsite to do the big hike. It should last 4 hours to go and 3 hours back.

Arriving in front of the panel we realize that it goes well beyond what we thought: there is a mountain to climb, we must go from behind to get to the top of another! We are tired but we start. In the distance we see a guanaco. It climbs hard. We suffer. At times we have rain and wind and at other moments it is too hot. The climb is rough but the landscape is amazing. We see several rainbows, the top of the cleared mountains, and have a perfect view of the Perito Moreno in the distance. By cons, we do not see the end! Two hours later we are behind the first mountain and there we see what we have left: a peak in full wind which we can break the face at any time. Seeing that I want to give up but Quentin is motivated and there is no way I let him go alone. So we continue. We will walk against some violent winds, more than 80km/h, that will prevent us from moving forward. We will also have a super strong rain, so we will fall back on ourselves a few minutes hoping that passes. In the distance we see a group of people arriving, so we start again in order to arrive first.

We arrive at the top and there the sight is breathtaking, a breathtaking view of the glaciers, the different arms of the lakes, magical colors and mountains impossible to see from below, not to mention the view on the Torres del Paine (in Chile !!) in the distance. We will stay a little while at the top, until the other group arrives and then we will come down super fast (running almost all along).

Back at the campsite we wait for the bus to return to El Calafate. The driver is super nice, he stops when he sees animals: we could see ostriches and condors eat a cow! The road is superb, it goes by another way than the go. He drops us off at our hostel (which is super noisy and noisy). We meet our neighbors’ beds: a dad with his son on a world tour, and … a Mauritian! it’s nice, ahah!

Today there is a big party in town so we decided to go there. In fact there are small stands in a street where they sell a bit of everything, and concerts in a big arena. We will listen to a guy who sings quite well, then we will devour a pizza before returning to the hostel to sleep.

This morning we take the bus at 8am direction El Chalten. On the road you can see glaciers and lots of guanacos. The landscape is very beautiful but we nose.

Arriving at El Chalten the bus stops at the tourist center run by the rangers. We have to listen to them for about ten minutes. They tell us what to do and what not to do, where to go, and we also learn this week is not going to be great: there are gusts of wind forecast all week at over 100km / h and rain, compromising visibility and hikes. We are disgusted. So once at the bus terminal we try to see all the options that the bus companies offer in plans B and C. Nothing very interesting because everything is complete until Monday. We go back to see the rangers to see what would be the smart thing to do.

Finally we decide to stay and if we do not see the mountains we will return after the Torres del Paine (Chile).

So we decided to take a night at the campsite tonight and tomorrow to try the start of the hike. We will put our tent and Monday morning there should be less wind so we will try to go to the point of view.

The campsite is very small compared to yesterday. People are piled on top of each other … We ask the reception if we can leave business when we leave tomorrow. It’s possible but not free (we suspected a bit) but it suits us a lot.

So we will look for a location, we put the tent, then we redo our bags: what we take and what we leave (drone and computer for example …). We feel very light!

We decide to go eat empanadas. Quentin tells me that he is not hungry, that he will resist taking a beer blah … finally we will end up in a small bar restaurant whose owners are fans of Queen, to eat a big hamburger with fries, a tortilla of Huge patatas, a beer and a coke (then an ice cream two balls (huge) for me). It will also be appreciated that Quentin’s watch has given us the wrong time: it was not 2pm but 4pm when we started eating … so no meal tonight.

Quentin wants to go walking. It is true that aside from drinking and eating, there is nothing to do in touristland (it is really a city for tourists who come to walk, it was built on purpose). There is a hike of less than two hours, without level difference, which leads to a waterfall. So we go there. The wind is very strong, it rains a lot, but Quentin wants to go, so we move on. By chance it calms down and we see the mountains. The waterfall is super beautiful, we are glad to have come. We return to the campsite quietly. The rain accompanies us all along but it’s hot blow is dry quickly.

Once at the campsite, Quentin strengthens the ties of the tent, we have two new neighbors … then we go to shower and go shopping in the main room.

In the evening it will be netflix and sleep.

This morning we get ready slowly and then start our first hike here. We hope to be lucky tomorrow morning because today the weather is supposed to be very bad (strong winds and rain).

It is great that the camping are offers to keep some of our stuff. So we let several useless things and pack very light.

We start, it is super sunny and warm outside. We can see a glacier in the background but the clouds start coming around. We hope it is going to be better. We are alone during an hour then it is the highway! People starts arriving from everywhere.

We arrive at the mirador, a bit disappointed because we can’t see much; only the bottom of the glacier is visible, so we are not much excited. After two hours, the rain starts and we get wet quickly. Quentin is hungry so we stop to have lunch in front of the river. The river flow is super strong and loud, it covers people’s noises. The rain gets heavier so we hurry up and try to go as fast as we can to the camping area.

One hour later, here we are. We have a great space for the tent and we are lucky the rain stopped a little bit. So we prepare the tent and the stuff; once ready we go inside and will not get out until the next morning. The rain is super strong ourside and it is cold so we decide to sleep, play scrabble and watch Netflix (last episode of Hill House) then sleep.

The alarm clock rings at 7.15am; I programmed it so early on purpose because my instinct told me that this morning we should see the mountains. I open the tent, and I see through the trees a blue sky and the top of some mountains. I wake up Quentin straight away and tell him we should go now (I am super excited). He seems to want a breakfast and brush his teeth (we were a bit too lazy last night to do it so I understand…) but I tell him we take everything with us and we should do it later because this is our chance. We hurry up and go.

In 10min we arrive at the lake and there…WAHOU!!! It is amazing! We are so happy to have woken up so early! We cross a few people coming back from the view point (they must have started in the dark because it is an hour away from the lake). It is magical! We are so pleased, we did not waste our time and now we are so lucky. The mountains are so beautiful and the glacier is going inside the lake. There are some icebergs in the lake, it is pretty. The sun just raised and give to the mountains a golden color. We are so thankful.

We start walking to the viewpoint. We understand why the rangers told people to be careful there: the path is full of rocks and we walk on a very thin surface of the mountain. With the wind this could be very dangerous. We take our time, we admire the landscape that is amazing, and to please Quentin we have our breakfast half-way.

One hour later we keep climbing et we can see the glacier very well; the lake is stable and gives a perfect reflection to the ice on the water; it is beautiful! We start wondering where is the path cause it is not well indicated. We keep walking until we thing it becomes a bit dangerous. We sit down and we just look at the mountains (and of course, we take hundreds of pics!!).

We are alone, it is the silence all around us.

On the way back, the clouds start covering the mountains and are heavier and heavier. We are so pleased we have seen this landscape, because we will not be able to see the mountains again on that day.

We head back the the tent, pack everything and try to dry all the humid and wet stuff we had, then we go have lunch at the lake. It is full of people!! Poor them, they made all this effort to see nothing.

It will take us three hours to go back to El Chalten. We will meet hundreds of people on our way back who will not see much there.

Once in ‘’town’’ I will buy myself a big ice cream and then we go to the camping place. Quentin go to take a shower and because I am a bit bored I set up the ten (alone, what a big gild I am!). I go for a shower, then we finish organizing our stuff andgo to the common area were the owners are listening to some music but super loud! We eat, play scrabble and go to bed.

Today the weather is horrible and we slept badly. There was so much wind during the night that we thought the tent would fly away!

It is freezing and raining a lot. We will not do much. We will spend out money eating sweets, empanadas and drinking hot chocolates until we go to bed and fall asleep.

Today the weather looks better. We are going to the camping area near Laguna de los Tres (the goal of the hike).

The hike is quite tough during one hour then super easy. The landscape is beautiful. We can see the mountains and the valley, and then we walk near a first lake (Laguna Capri) from where we can see a bit the Fitz Roy! We are super excited! This gives us a lot of energy for the rest of the hike.

When we arrive in the camping area called Poincenot, there are so many tents!! It looks like we are going to a music festival! We chose a place for the tent, put our stuff and decide to go to see two other lakes called Laguna Madre and Laguna Hija. We can see the mountains all around but the Fitz Roy seems to be shy. The colors of the lakes with the mountains around are beautiful. There are a lot of insects (tracked)everywhere, it is a bit disgusting. After two hours hiking in this area, as it is still sunny, we decide to go to see the mirador Piedras Blancas. We guess we are gonna see a glacier. We walk through the forest and on the left side there is a beautiful glacier. At the end of the trail we can see a lake at its bottom. It is very nice.

After this long hiking day we decide to cook and relax a bit in the tent before going to bed. Tomorrow we hope to do the sunrise.

The alarm clock rings at 6am. It is freezing outside (minus zero). We are not the only ones awake. We get dress, we get out of the tent, and we cannot see the Fitz Roy. So, we go back to bed for an hour wondering why people still want to go up to the laguna and do this horrible hike if they are sure not the see anything. One hour later the alarm clock rings again, same story..we will wait till 4pm to do the hike. As soon as there is some sun and we can see a bit of the mountain with blue sky I hurry Quentin to go hiking. It does not matter if once there we cannot see it, we can do it tomorrow in worst case scenario. We get ready quickly then we go! It is very steep and difficult, but less than in Lago Roca. I feel quite good actually. We hike during a bit less than an hour and a half. We will meet hundreds of people going back down.

Once on the top, we are lucky, we can see some parts of the Fitz Roy. It is amazing! We sit down on some rocks thinking we will see everything at one point. A fox is walking near us, this is quite cool! We are only a few people up there, this makes the moment nicer. After thirty minutes, here it it!! We can see all the mountains perfectly with the two lakes! We are super happy! All these efforts and all the cold we faced were a big success! We spend time admiring the landscape and taking pics (I almost lost my new camera…some stress to end the day). We will spend almost another hour there until the wind comes back and start hiding the mountains again. It is magical! The view of the valley is impressive too.

We go back to the camping area taking our time. Tonight, we go crazy with food: pasta with cheese and tomato sauce, woop woop! We were so lucky. As it is quite late we decide to stay another night here; better than being in El Chalten doing nothing.

This morning we want to go back to the mirador Piedras Blancas. It may be less cloudy there.

The mountains are visible, it is very nice. The sunrise gives them a golden color.On the ground there is ice; it must have been even colder during the night.

We see a lot of people on the way, the may come from another town than El Chalten. We arrive, it is still super nice, but still cloudy. We go back to the camping area, prepare out stuff and leave. In thirty minutes the weather completely changed: the sky is grey, we cannot see the mountains anymore and the wind is back.

The way back to El Chalten is easy; flat and going down path. However, we are super cold and it is snowing on the top of the mountains: the wind brings the snow from up there to us! We will see a lot of people on the way to Laguna de los Tres: why don’t they stay at home? The weather is bad and the view will not be nice; why do people still want to go?

Once in El Chalten, we go back to the camping El Relincho. It is windy so we suspect to have a bad evening… We finally can have a hot shower! Then we chill out and go back to the city to have dinner to a restaurant Maël told us to go to in order to end our week here.

The road to Puerto Natales is super beautiful. There are mountains with very interesting geological formations. In the distance we still see the Fitz Roy. It’s too hard to close your eyes to sleep!

The trip will be a bit long because of the stopover at the Chilean border; we will put 5h instead of 3h; so we will arrive very late at our host.

We arrive at our accommodation and we meet a couple who goes to the same place. They are Belgian and really nice. It is too cold in Puerto Natales, one wonders how will be the hike to Torres! The couple is leaving tomorrow and it is raining … their friends who come back have had a week of rain and have not seen anything … it promises!

We spotted something to eat (the same place that the lady recommended but we did not understand …). It is 22:30 but we are inflamed and we take meat and fries. The guy is not very kind …

On the way back we meet the others and their friends then we go to bed (Quentin, I’ll work on my blog until 2am so you can get the latest news 😉 ).

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